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How I Got Started

When I found out I was going to be a father for the first time, I wanted the house to be the cleanest it could be for the new baby. I wanted a healthy home. I cleaned everything I possibly could, but realized we needed our air ducts cleaned in the home, so I started looking for companies to clean the ducts for me. I came across a flyer that said “air duct cleaning for $79.99.” So I decided to call figuring that was a good price to clean our air ducts. I was disappointed to learn that special price was just a bait and switch tactic.

Here’s what happened:

Two guys arrived at my house 20 minutes after the time they were supposed to arrive. One of the guys began to clean only my vent covers, while the other walked me around my house and began to tell me my ducts were dirty. “Yes,” I explained, “That is the reason I called you.” I was told that the advertised price of $79.99 didn’t include actually cleaning the ducts! It would cost more to have the ducts cleaned. Of course, I was disappointed. I felt deceived, thanked them for vacuuming my vent covers, and invited them to leave.

The second company I called to clean the air ducts in my home used an air compressor and blew air into the vents to force the dust and debris out. This is not an uncommon approach to cleaning air ducts. Being the diligent father I was, after the technician left I took a couple vent covers off and looked into the ducts myself. I found dust still clinging to the sides of the duct work. I ended up finishing the job myself.

Getting a job done right!

This miserable experience started thinking. Like most home owners, until now I had no idea what it took to get really clean air ducts in my home. I had hired two companies to get a job done, but in the end the job was not completed to my satisfaction. I decided to go ahead and get proper training in air duct and dryer vent cleaning. I wanted to offer homeowners in southeast Wisconsin— especially new parents—good quality duct cleaning from a company they could trust.

Within six months I had researched and tested the best equipment on the market. I started my company, Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning offering the best possible service with the best equipment. Each and every one of my employees know the value of clean air ducts and dryer vents and their importance in keeping a healthy home. We offer the superior value, quality service, and unparalleled integrity I look for in any company I do business with.

If you need the air ducts or dryer vents cleaned in your home and are looking for a job done right, call me today (262) 236.6750.

~ Jonathan

Jonathan Janusiak
Owner, operator
Health Living Air Duct Cleaning