The Leave-Behind: Dirty Vents

Recently I was out quoting a duct cleaning for a new customer. The first thing we saw when we opened the vent was this. Dirty vents!

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This home had been recently purchased by a nice couple. The home was a foreclosure that was in bad shape. The bank that owned the home had the air conditioning system replaced and had all the ductwork in the home inspected and cleaned. You can see by the photos that whoever cleaned the ducts didn’t do a very good job.

The new homeowners called Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning because they had allergies and wanted to be sure the air ducts were as clean as they could be. The homeowners were so happy with our work, they gave us this great testimonial:

My wife and I were so excited to buy our first house. The bank installed a new A/C, furnace, and had all the ducts professionally cleaned and inspected. My wife has allergies and our house still had an odor after vigorous cleaning and painting. I heard from a neighbor good things about Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning and figured I would go for their free camera inspection. The camera revealed filthy ducts that were very haphazardly cleaned. Mr. Janusiak then explained his methods and showed us how his company was unlike any other air duct cleaner in the area.

We decided to give him a try. He personally hand cleaned and sanitized each duct in our entire house with a rotating brush and chemical treatments. Afterward he showed us the new camera inspection and it was spotless. I now understand the difference and mixed reviews about so many air duct cleaners. My wife’s allergies have dramatically improved and our house smells eons better than before. I’ve seen coupons and advertisements all over, but I would highly recommend Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning. Their methods blow the bargain air duct cleaners out of the water, and he even shows you the results afterwards. I recommend Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning to my friends and family frequently.

Dr. Ryan Lang