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Fred Z.    Franklin, WI   

Clean Dryer Vent

Sandy W.    Franksville, WI   

Jonathan was very pleasant, professional and very helpful as I had to have some repairs done before he could start the duct cleaning. He took pride in his work, explained everything as he went along. Took pictures after. I would highly recommend him to others.

Michael F.    Racine, WI   

Called back within minutes. Showed up on time. Was personable did what he said and for the quoted price

Lori K.    Bayside, WI   

I had been looking to have my ducts cleaned and had read the reviews from Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning. I liked what I read and had decided to call them on Monday. About a hour passed since I was on Home Advisor when Johnathan (the owner) called and asked if I had any questions that I needed answered. Johnathan was very informative about his company and we set a appointment . Johnathan also gave a reminder call the day before service to make sure we were still on the same appointment date. I am very pleased with the work preformed. I saw our vents with the camera before and after. I happen to have wood ash in our vents and Johnathan gave me a referral to a Heating and cooling company to look into the reason for having wood ash in our vents. We do have a natural fireplace. I would also like to say that we had our vents cleaned by another company 3 years ago and that company did not offer a camera to view inside the vents before and after. I had always felt that the vents were not totally cleaned. With Healthy living air duct cleaning I am now confident that our vents are squeaky clean after viewing the work done. I highly recommend this company.

Cheryl G.    Sturtevant, WI   

Friendly, kept in contact, price was lower than phone estimate. Left a bit of a mess on the carpet which was easily vacuumed.

Ann B.    Sussex, WI   

Great job, took pictures to show what was completed. Friendly and very flexible with scheduling.

Andrew L.    Racine, WI   

Johnathan showed upon agreed timetable. He's friendly person, willing to work with me (a deaf client!) via texting (smartphone) & paper/pen with visual cues along with showing of camera/pictures. Very professional and effective - did outstanding job on cleaning the vents. On plus side - the prices were very reasonable - much lower than expected and makes it worth your time!

Rena R.    Brown Deer, WI   

Johnathan was polite, professional, and efficient. He did a thorough job. He was very friendly and made it comfortable dealing with him. It was obvious that he took pride in his work. I highly recommend him to others.

Dr. Christopher D. Culligan    Muskego, WI   

I have had the pleasure of having Health Living Air Duct Cleaning clean the duct work in my office. As a chiropractor, I am concerned about both my own health as well as that of my employees and patients. Health Living Air Duct Cleaning came and evaluated my office and showed me all the build up with in the vents and duct work. Jonathan was professional and very thorough.

As an allergy sufferer, I immediately noticed a difference. I have also had many patients comment about the air in our office without even knowing the work was done. I was so satisfied by the work that was performed, I even had Jonathan clean the air ducts on my own home. Jonathan does an outstanding job. I have already, and will be continue to, recommend Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning to all my patients and friends.

Pat    Caledonia, WI   

Jonathan did an awesome job cleaning the air ducts. I was amazed at the amount of dirt and dust that was removed. We had this service performed before but obviously they did not do a good job. Do not be afraid to spend a little more money to have this job well done. You do get what you pay for or not. Jonathan was prompt, professional and extremely helpful. I'd recommend him to everyone.

Lisa Martinez    West Allis, WI   

I am a first time home buyer and a single parent to 2 young boys; both of whom have mild allergies. I purchased a home that had been vacant for 8 years prior to my closing. After a lot of renovations, I contacted Jonathan at Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning and had him out to clean my ducts today. When I came home, I could not believe the difference! The air felt clean, crisp and it smelled different (in all good ways). Jonathan was polite, professional and prompt. I am 1000% satisfied with every aspect of his service and most importantly, I know this will be incredibly beneficial for my boys. I will definitely be using Healthy Cleaning for every duct cleaning I need moving forward and I will highly recommend anyone I know (or don't know) to do the same. Thank you Jonathan for the amazing job, creating a healthy space for myself and children and the pride you take in your work. Worth every penny! 5* service for sure #healthylivingorbust

Jan M    Pewaukee, WI   

John did an amazing job! He was prompt and professional, and did an exceptional job in a very efficient manner. I would highly recommend Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning.

Jase H    waukesha   

Healthy living Air Duct Cleaning cleaned my air ducts and my drier vent. I was very happy with the price and the quality. They were very clean and polite answered all my questions and walked me through the whole process. I did not even have to ask to see before and after picture. I was very happy with this company.

Jim C.    Muskego, WI   

There was not the correct service to pick from. I had requested someone with a camera to inspect one heat/ac supply line as I was not getting much air flow. Johnathon called and he came out to inspect for a blocked or damaged supply line with his camera. After the inspection he told me the line looked fine and the problem was probably due to an imbalance in air flow and could be corrected with some adjustments on each supply line damper. He does not perform this service but explained to me how to go about it. He also pointed out that some info I had received in the past regarding my hi-lo air returns was incorrect. I had been told to block off the upper vent in winter with a magnetic cover and open the lower vent. In the summer I was closing the bottom vent and opening the top vent. He stated the reason the top vent did not have a manual adjustment on it was because it was meant to be open year round. So when all was said and done I asked him how much and he said there was no charge to diagnose the problem only if he needed to perform any cleaning or repair. He was very professional. He will get my business in the future if needed, thanks so much.

John doon    west allis   

This was by far the best air duct cleaning company I have ever seen or hired to clean my air ducts. They were professional. They gave me the best deal out of four other companies and did not add to the price at the end of job. I even saw before and after pictures. They made sure me and my wife were happy before they left. Thank you Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning

Josh K.    Franklin, WI   

I really liked that the owner of the company was the person who showed up at my door and performed the work himself. Excellent!

Tessa Fabisiak    Wales   

Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning did an outstanding job. The team was personable and trustworthy. I was made aware of the procedures that were going to happen during the course of cleaning and was shown before and after clips. Before they even walked in they laid a mat down. I would strongly recommend them to friends and family.

Homeowner    New Berlin, WI   

Very professional. He wore cloth booties while in the house. Left the house clean.

Maria    Whitefish Bay   

Jon came to our house for a booked air duct cleaning. He inspected the air duct and recommended us not to do the cleaning at this time because the air duct was fairly clean. He did not charge anything for the inspection. When we booked the cleaning, he was very patient at explaining the process for air duct cleaning and he called us for preparation the day before the cleaning. Jon is a very professional and honest business owner. We are so happy to find a great resource that we can relay on when we need air duct cleaning in the future. We will definitely recommend him to our friends and family.

Anne French    Bay View, Milwaukee WE   

If you think you need your air ducts cleaned you must call Johnathan. He was just here. He took a look at my ducts and determined that they didn't need to be cleaned. Such honesty is rare these days. He could have just cleaned them and taken my money and I would have been none the wiser. I will certainly be calling him in two years to take another look.

Lynne Cramer   

Good, honest, quality work done at a fair price. That sums up what I think of Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning. They even have a camera to put into my duct work and show me how dirty my air ducts are. They turn on the camera again when they finish the job and show me how clean they got them. That proof is peace of mind that a job was done completely, correctly and honestly. They don't quote one price and then add on other charges like some other companies. You can't go wrong with Jonathan and his team! Give them a call and breathe easier (especially if you have allergies).

Dr. Ryan Lang    New Berlin, WI   

My wife and I were so excited to buy our first house. The bank installed a new A/C, furnace, and had all the ducts professionally cleaned and inspected. My wife has allergies and our house still had an odor after vigorous cleaning and painting. I heard from a neighbor good things about Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning and figured I would go for their free camera inspection. The camera revealed filthy ducts that were very haphazardly cleaned. Mr. Janusiak then explained his methods and showed us how his company was unlike any other air duct cleaner in the area.

We decided to give him a try. He personally hand cleaned and sanitized each duct in our entire house with a rotating brush and chemical treatments. Afterward he showed us the new camera inspection and it was spotless. I now understand the difference and mixed reviews about so many air duct cleaners. My wife's allergies have dramatically improved and our house smells eons better than before. I've seen coupons and advertisements all over, but I would highly recommend Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning. Their methods blow the bargain air duct cleaners out of the water, and he even shows you the results afterwards. I recommend Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning to my friends and family frequently.

Shannon Clark    West Allis   

My fiance and I are first time home owners. Before purchasing the house it was checked out by a team because there was mold found near the vent that the bathroom fan was connected to. The problem was resolved and eventually it was time to get our vents cleaned out. The original company that did it ripped us off and barely cleaned the vents. After researching for a few days I decided to call Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning. Jonathan was so laid back and knowledgeable (because the ventilation system in our tri-level home is complicated). He came to scope out the house and spoke to us about every step he was going to go through to help us breath clean air. We were scared to go through anyone, but Jonathan is super professional and explains everything, making us feel comfortable. It was a long job and him and his Pops were able to get it done in a day! It was so noticeable the very first night and look forward to hiring him the next time we need a cleaning. Also, he went over and above by giving us some tips about other things we need to take care of in the house. This is a rare in this day and age for someone to take time out of their busy schedule to inquire about a few things we need to fix up in the house that does not involve the vents. You both did a superb job!! Our dog Dexter is even doing better since the cleaning.

Brian B.    Menomonee Falls, WI   

Did a great job cleaning my air ducts. Amazing price very honest. I would recommend him.

Dana F.    Milwaukee, WI   

On time, professional and a very fair price.

Liz Daniels    Mount Pleasant   

We moved into a house that had evidence of multiple pets all over the house (the carpet was ruined). Our home inspector recommended that we treat the floors once the carpet and pads were taken up and that cleared all the smell from the floors. He also recommended that we get our air ducts cleaned since there clearly were pets in the house and some family members are allergic to cats and dogs. That stopped the allergic reactions when people came in the house. They did a good, thorough job.

John Y.    Cudahy, WI   

He didn't think we need our vents cleaned at our Condo we are moving into. Honest and did a great Job. Thinking of hiring him for our house we are selling and my daughters house. The vents were spotless.


Our house was built in the 60s. Shortly after we moved in, we noticed a faint pet odor. Jonathan did an amazing job removing that smell and all the pet hair that went along with! He was thorough, professional and hard working. He explained his process along the way while showing me the ducts before, during and after. He went above and beyond in providing exceptional customer service. I am a very happy customer and would highly recommend him.

Kathleen B.    New Berlin, WI   

Great customer service. Followed up immediately upon my request for a quote. Scheduled a visit, called before arriving, arrived on time. Great job. Very happy. Now they will clean all my heat and cold air ducts.

David W.    Milwaukee, WI   

We were ready to replace all are ducts in whole house to improve air flow quality. Johnathan came at our convenience punctual, clean, and ready to work. He was very informative and explained how everything would operate. After a few hours he had improved are airflow of our vents by 100%. For the first time in 14 years I could hear the air coming out of the vents. Very Satisfied with everything.

Jeff M.    Waukesha, WI   

Jonathan did a great job on all the vents in my house. He is very knowledgeable about the different types of processes and explained how his services are better than others. My ducts and vents look brand new, in 40 year old house. I would highly recommend Healthy Living.

Wayne L.    Burlington, WI   

Did a great job.

Roman P.    Menomonee Falls, WI   

Nice people

Marvin N.    Racine, WI   

Outstanding job. Very professional and was a consummate professional. Explained thoroughly and used camera to show before and after pictures.

Maria T.    Racine, WI   

Jonathan was very efficient and neat. I am very satisfied with his work and will definitely hire him again.

Chris B.    Franklin, WI   

Johnathan, the company owner, came the day after contacting him to give me an estimate. The work was scheduled for the next week. He did all of the work requested plus he left the house as clean as when he came in. He even cleaned up the lint on the outside of the house that had gotten on the screens and ground when he cleaned the dryer duct and vent. The final cost was exactly what he had estimated. I would certainly recommend him to any of our friends who are looking for vent cleaning.

Homeowner    Muskego, WI   

Johnathan was very pleasant and called me as soon as he received my message. He explained my options. Also called me the day before my appt. and let me know when he would be here. He did an great job. The new dryer vents and shields look great on our Condo building. I will use Johnathan again to clean our vents and also tell the Condo owners about him. Very happy with him.

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