Beware Duct Cleaning Scams

Much like all “scams” people find from less than honest companies in the service industry, air duct cleaning is no exception.

It’s frustrating from a homeowner’s perspective alone, but as someone in the duct cleaning industry who truly cares about an honest job done right it just makes me angry. I see ads and hear the stories on a daily basis. One perfect example is companies who advertising duct cleaning specials for $10 per vent. The truth is, they are truthfully selling their services. What? Yes, you read that right. So why would it be frustrating? Well because these companies aren’t cleaning your air ducts…they are cleaning your VENTS.


Just last week I had a customer who experienced this kind of special four years ago when they purchased their home. Before moving in to their home, they wanted to have the air ducts cleaned. They found an ad in a local consumer coupon publication that advertised this same kind of special. Had the work done and moved in. Four years later they decided to have their ducts cleaned again and called Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning.

As is our regular practice we run a camera into the air ducts to show our customers the condition of their duct work before we begin. The homeowner was surprised at the amount of dust and debris in their duct work. “We had the ducts cleaned before we moved in. How could they be so dirty again?”

Tell Tale Signs of Proper Air Duct Cleaning

After looking at their duct work for only a few minutes I could see that the air ducts in their home had never been properly cleaned. How could I tell? Well, to get a good thorough cleaning we need to create a small number of access holes. When finished cleaning, we close these up with small grommets to ensure a proper seal. The duct work in this home had none. I suspect this homeowner was duped into believing this great deal would leave him with clean air ducts.

You can be sure that Healthy Living Air Duct Cleaning will give you a fair price and an honest full cleaning. To prove it, the last thing we do before removing our equipment is take that camera again and show you our work. Our customers see the before AND the after, so they will always know the work has been done.

Want to see the before and after photos? Click on one of the thumbnails below for a larger image.